Monday, September 10, 2012

Falling for Winter Veggies

Yes!  The weather cooled down a touch this weekend so we were back outside pulling weeds, clearing crops that have run their course, and planning for the fall, excited to try our hand at growing heirloom spinach, radish, and turnips.  We're going to try to grow carrots as well, but it may perhaps be a bit too late in the season to get anything out of them this year.

Since we're on the topic of "not getting anything out of them this year" I am disappointed by our lack of tomatoes in the garden this year.  We have four giant-sized plants (6 foot plus), with some flowers, but so far just ONE tomato has been plucked from the vine.  Yes, it is September, so things are not looking good.

For sure, planting location is one of the biggest problems -- too much shade.  So yesterday my husband, tired of hearing me lament the lack of bright red fruit on the vine, took out his chain saw and got to work.

My husband and a chain saw can be a frightening combination.  

He has been know to go a little overboard.  Midday yesterday, a sudden visitor to our yard would have been sure the weekends tornadoes in New York had hit our backyard -- or that a minor hurricane had come through.  Lots of branches were brought down meaning more sunlight for our garden.  We're hoping this will coax a few of these beautiful heirloom tomatoes off the vine before fall is truly upon us.

The pear tree also now has room to grow and won't have to work so hard stretching and bending to get to the sun.  Removing impediments to growth -- good stuff inside and outside the garden walls.

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. 
 ~Maori Proverb

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