Sunday, January 30, 2011

To Heirloom or Not to Heirloom? That is the Question.

So my seed catalogs have not yet arrived and with another snowstorm looming for the east coast, it is a bit difficult to stay focused on gardening. Of course, enter my adorable husband and his penchant for cooking up homemade tomato sauce (gravy to my Italian friends) on a cold day to get me thinking about a bountiful harvest of tomatoes from the veggie garden (plans are getting big!) along with parsley, oregano, and thyme.

For some reason, I want to avoid BURPEE seeds. I have no idea why -- just seems so commercialized -- I was hoping for some heirloom tomato seeds and organically produced herbs rather than what I can pick up at Home Depot. Is there a difference? I have no idea -- but I'm sure to be inspired by the catalog cover artwork alone!

Just wondering -- In our search for organic are we really looking for something else? A return to simpler times perhaps. Too bad we can't buy that in the supermarket...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

So What's That All About?

So yes, this year I am finally going to put in the herb garden. Here's a picture of it in its current state -- not too impressive under the snow, I know. I just read Martha's (if you have to ask, this is not the blog for you) calendar for January, and among the many things she is doing one is perusing seed catalogs and getting ready for spring. What a great way to spend a cold winters afternoon she says. Agreed. So here I am writing a blogpost about what I soon hope to be doing -- perusing seed catalogs and planning my herb garden.

"I miss seeing the green grass," my daughter said to me out of nowhere this morning. For once, I agree with that statement.