Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seeds & Plants for Gourmet Gardeners

Received my first catalog this weekend and I am more excited about this than I thought I would be. (As comfortable as I am with all things web, I still like to sit with a cup of tea and thumb through a magazine or catalog. Computers, Kindles, Androids, etc. just don't provide the same satisfaction.) Anyway, lest I digress -- seed catalogs are here!

One thing I noticed is that it's easy to get distracted by the vibrant photographs of bright orange carrots and stunning asparagus plants, especially when they have exotic names like "Purple Passion," "Imperial Star," and "Napoli". I can just imagine the satisfaction of cooking an amazing array of photography-ready meals that, of course, taste as divine as they look. Reality? Not too sure about that -- I suggested to my husband today that perhaps we enroll in a cooking class. I'm thinking Italian Cooking as it seems like it would go well with herbs grown in our garden.

Sounds great (and perhaps fodder for another blog?!?!) but I think for this garden to ever see the light of day I must stay focused. Herbs. An herb garden. Nothing more, nothing less. A single garden that if all goes well can be the start of a set of garden plans that will remake my yard and summer table. That statement alone overwhelms me, one of the many reasons I have committed to starting simple.

Since Keeping it Simple is the mission I'm considering buying a pre-made collection of herbs to help streamline the what to plant conversation I'm having in my head. I came across one in this catalog that could work: The Cook's Garden Cupboard which includes favorites like basil, chives, and oregano. I think I'd like to add more to the plan -- including non-kitchen herbs that provide robust fragrance in the garden -- but a pre-selected pack may be a good start.

I'm working hard to stay focused on Spring. I'm impressed that the catalogs tagline says Seeds and Plants for Gourmet Gardeners. Even if it's just a tagline, it makes me happy to think of myself among that group. Can't wait for the rest of my catalogs!

Waiting for the future to see what it will bring. A few things, however, are certain -- Spring will arrive, time will march on, and the circle of life will continue. A miracle if ever there was one...


  1. gourmet gardener definitely - with those gourmet dinners you whip up ,,, it's a shoe-in!

  2. "photography-ready meals" I sure hope so!

  3. I think you could cook anything - even without the cooking lessons!